Safety Items

Who We Are

SIS is the leading ship chandler company based on the island of Curaçao. With 31 years of experience, SIS N.V.  supplies all sorts of provisions to all vessel types calling the ports of Curaçao. We also supply tax-free cigarettes and beer, as well as essential safety items, hardware items and technical supplies vessels need such as ropes, paints, bolts, nuts and much more.

We work closely with all major local ship agencies and international renowned ship management. Our collaborators and clients can attest to our high standards of quality and service!


Sourcing the highest quality human consumption products for all ethnic groups.


Offering a wide variety of hardware for small repairs such as rope, bolts, paint and brushes.

Safety items

Supplying vessels with all deck requirements such as protective gear and safety equipment.

Why our clients love us

Best prices

We offer the best products for the lowest prices to meet the tight crew consumption budgets.

Wide variety of provisions

We can supply provision products for the Indian, Greek, Dutch, German, English, Russian and Asian cuisines required for crew members.

High quality

First quality of human consumption products with the proper hygienic care are the main priorities for SIS.

Always available

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

Fast delivery

We do it quickly and we do it good! We provide products and services in 36 hours or less.

Largest technical stores

We are the largest technical stores stock keepers on the island!

Trusted Suppliers



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